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Sunho KIM Ph.D.

Director's profile

Bonn, Germany: 1985 ~ 1991

Ph.D Mongol Study, Sinology, Politics in the University of Bonn,

            Fach der Oriental Studies 

(Previous: Seminar für Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft Zentralasiens)


『Die Entwicklungen der politischen Beziehungen zwischen der Mongolischen Volksrepublik und der Volksrepublik China: 1952~1989』 ISBN 3-88910-110-0

 ┗ The Developments of Political Relations between the Mongolian People's Republic and the People's Republic of China: 1952 ~ 1989). 

Committee: Prof. Klaus Sagaster, Rolf Trauzettel , Hans-Adolf Jacobsen

Advisor: Dr. Yang Ju-chou(楊汝舟)

Taipei, Taiwan: 1982 ~ 1985

(Previous: Institute of Chinese Border Area Studies)



 ┗ Research on the power structure and party politics of the Outer Mongolian Communist Party 1921~1952 

M.A. Chinese Minority Study, Mongol Study in the National Cheng-Chi University,

            Department of Ethnology 

●Advanced Chinese in the National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Training Center (March. 1982~June. 1983)

Seoul, Korea: 1978 ~ 1982

B.A. Chinese Language & Literature in the Kook-Min University, Department of Sinology 


이건창의 한문학작품을 통한 문학관 연구』 

 ┗ A Study on Literary Studies through Lee Kun-Chang's Chinese Literature

Advisor: 김도련 교수(Prof. Doryun, Kim)

‘Confucian Analects (論語)’ in a traditional manner at the ‘Tae Dong School’

located in Hapcheon, Gyeongsangnam-do in Korea (1981 summer & winter vacation)

Master: 권추연 (chuyoun Kwon)

c.f. 泰东书舍:

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