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Welcome to IAMS


  While studying Chinese minorities since 1983, I was surprised to learn that half of the dynasties appeared in Chinese history were founded by minorities. In addition, as I continued my research, I found that the Chinese minorities had a great influence, directly and indirectly, every dynasty in China.

  What you see now is not everything. The existence of many nations that have appeared in history all have important value. We must understand and respect the cultural identity of these ethnicities. This is the key to solving today's confrontation and future conflicts. We study Asian minorities around the world and explore coexistence with them.

So we analyze the societies of Asian minority peoples, study their cultural identity, and pay attention to their persecution and unfair treatment.

  We would appreciate your interest in our research project.


The way to overcome separatism is to acknowledge diversity and embrace minorities to pursue coexistence!

We welcome anyone who wants to respect diversity and embrace the value of coexistence with minorities!

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