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Research Projects

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┗ - Focusing on China Town in Busan, Korea -

┗ Self-planning research project

【2020~2025 Research Project of IAMS】

■ Research proposal on the Minority’s ethno-linguistic education in the five Minority's Autonomy Region (Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang Uighur, Ningxia Huizu, Tibet, Guangxi Zhuangzu) in China  

(內蒙古, 寧夏·回族, 新疆維吾爾, 西藏, 廣西壯族 自治區)

- In the field of On & Off-Line Language Education-

■ Comparative study of foreign migrants cultural identity through Nomadism focusing on the immigrant fr- Focusing on Mongolian immigrants and Indonesian immigrants in Korea

┗ – focusing on Nomads culture (Mongolia) and settlement culture (Indonesia) -

■ Research on the Characteristics of the Coexistence Form of the Taiwan-based Overseas Chinese and Overseas Chinese from the People's Republic of China

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□ China’s Neighbors in Northeast Asia

Dependent, independent, and opposing: comprehensive relationship analysis


□ Study on the Features of Inner and Outer Mongolian national sentiment through the analysis of mutual economic exchanges

□ Research on English education, popular processes and social implications in Mongolia after reform and opening in 1990

□ Study on social conflict type of migrants from Nomadic cultures and Islamic cultures through the difference of consciousness of gender  

□ A study on mixed food culture of 5 ethnic minority’s autonomous regions of contemporary China

□ A Study on the Ethnic Cohesion Policy of Kazakhstan

□ A Study on the Ethnic Cohesion Policy of South East Asian Countries

┗ Research projects on contemporary and future issues

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