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Donation Information

1. Donations for;

* Operation & Management

* Promotion & Holding Seminars

* Support for the preservation program of Asian ethnic minority cultural heritage

* Support for traditional education program for Asian ethnic minorities

* Scholarship Program for Asian Ethnic Minority Students 

2. Financial support for the specific research under your order or our own research plan

3. Financial support for the regular international conferences

     (International Conference on Asian Minority Studies: ICAMS)

We will periodically disclose your donation usage

in a transparent and accurate manner!

▼ The bank book of IAMS ▼

Woori Bank Korea

Account Holder: 아시아소수민족연구소(IAMS)

                             Institute for Asian Minority Studies

Account No.: 1005-081-879300


Branch Name: NAMCHONDONG BR.(남천동)

Bank Address: 17, World Cup buk-ro 60-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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